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Please also be aware that this is an event for classic, historical, sports and exotic cars. There are a limited number of positions in each group. This is not a racing event. Race cars participating in the demonstration event are by application and invitation only.

Track Event

The jewel of the weekend is the track event where owners will drive their cars around the track at speed, with passing in defined areas. Speed limits for each group are defined in the event rules.

Do you want a truly unique weekend? Add a TRACK EVENT ENTRY to your weekend registration!

Please add one entry for each car you plan on taking on the track.

In order to ensure that the event is safe, and to protect participants, spectators and property, a set of rules for the driving event has been established. Drivers participating in the track event will need to follow the rules. If a driver is found to be blatantly disregarding the rules, they will be pulled off the track.

For the complete rules check out our Terms and Conditions. Please ensure you study the latest revision of the rules before the event.

Participation in the track will be controlled to provide a broad variety of participating marques. Register early to ensure you have a spot on the track.

The organizing committee will have the final say over who participates and who does not.

A Group for every driver

Participants will be divided into one of the following groups depending on the participant’s car, desire, and experience. Complete TRACK RULES

  • Group A - Top speed of 60 mph. This is the gentlemen's group. There will be spirited driving if you like, but at a slower, more relaxed pace. Drive here if speed isn't your thing, if you don't have experience on a track, if you don't want to be pressured by cars behind you, if your car cannot go faster than 60 miles per hour, or, if your passenger is going to be shrieking in your ear that you are going too fast!
  • Group B - Top speed of 80 mph. Drive here if you want spirited driving with some cars at the limit of their performance, at 80 miles per hour on the straights. Also consider this group if you have a powerful car but limited track experience. If your car is a classic with an engine with a displacement of 1,500 cubic centimeters or less this may be your group. Remember, as with all groups, there are more corners than straights.
  • Group C - Top speed of 100 mph. This group is for cars that can easily get up to 100 miles per hour, have good handling and brakes, and have drivers that want to test their skills. Cars in this group will be powerful classic sports cars whose drivers have track experience. Some V6 engines may be at home here as well as V8's that will run conservatively. You will be pushed by cars behind you, and you will be passed by some.
  • Group V (Vintage). This group will feature vintage race cars from the past. Cars in this group will be the old, fast sports cars. Speed will not be the focus of this group. It will be a chance to celebrate some of the fantastic cars of the track's history and time period. The cars will be hand picked by our organization.

    The vintage race car exhibition class being overseen by Heartland Vintage Racing (HVR) and all HVR car, driver, and safety tech rules will preside over the vintage portion. All cars and drivers will be pre-screened by HVR prior to entry. Cars will need to be properly pedigreed or adhere to the HVR Rules for period-correct preparation, and the HVR Tech Rules will apply.

    In addition, drivers experience, credentials, and safety records will be reviewed prior to acceptance. HVR will accept the following licenses for this event: NASA, SCCA, or any vintage club that is a member of the VMC Council. If you are unlicensed and wish to race, please review the HVR Licensing procedures.

  • Group H (Historical). A very unique group of factory stock cars produced prior to 1960. These are older and slower sports cars. This group is by invitation only, but if you think you have a car that would represent well, please contact us.
  • Group E. This is an exhibition group reserved for race cars and drivers with racing certifications. This group is by invitation or application with acceptance only. This group will operate under more stringent rules aligned with established racing event rules - even though this group will not be racing!

    This is a modern race car exhibition class being overseen by LGGPR. Safety tech rules will preside over the cars and drivers. All cars and drivers will be pre-screened by LGGPR prior to entry. Only fully prepped race cars will be allowed in this group.

    In addition, drivers experience, credentials, and safety records will be reviewed prior to acceptance. LGGPR will accept the following licenses for this event: NASA, SCCA, or any vintage club that is a member of the VMC Council.

Food and Refreshments

Food will be available at all event venues on the weekend, with the exception of the school. Participants are encouraged to enjoy eating at one of the fine area restaurants. A large variety of food, snacks and refreshments will be available at the track for spectators and participants.

Lap Videos

Still have doubts? Look at some of the videos from the past events.

courtesy of YouTube.

LGGPR 16 Perana

Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival 2015

Kevin Hinckle


Contact Kevin for any questions you might have about the event.

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