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Spectator Rides

During the car show on Saturday spectators will have the rare opportunity to lap the track in classic cars. There will be a number of different cars to choose from. Due to the popularity of this event it may be difficult to get to ride in your first choice, it might be your second. Keep in mind that it's all volunteer and all the proceeds will be donated to local charities.

What It's All About

Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival “Ride Along for Charity”

What started 3 years ago as an idea to foster the younger generations love for cars and racing, has become a great success. The ironic part of all of this is that the charity ride for kids has turned into something that all kids young and old LOVE, and it doesn’t stop there! Each year when we ask for drivers and car owners to offer rides the number grows! The drivers are having as much fun giving the rides as the “kids” riding! Each year the “Ride Along” comes with its own set of challenges but the committee seems to make it work and everyone has so much fun!

We still have younger generations taking rides, although the absolute best is the smiles that we bring to those who have always loved a car and never dreamed they would get to ride in it! So many stories have been told about the love for these cars. From “my grandfather had one like this and I remember so vividly riding in it when I was a kid” to “I’m 80 years old today, I had on my bucket list to jump out of an airplane and ride a motorcycle, but I think this beats both of them” and oh so many more. There have been tons of smiles but also a few tears. Just pure emotion that taking a ride in a car can bring out is overwhelming.

Oh and we forgot to mention that all the money raised goes to a charity right here in the Garnett area!

Life is all about memories……come take a ride, if it’s to remember what was or to experience what could be….make the memory!

If you would like to give rides, add RIDES FOR CHARITY to your weekend registration!

Kay & Dean Owens


Contact Kay for any questions you might have about the Rides for Charity.

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LGGPR is Pleased to support the following area charities:

LGGPR is proud to Host this event with the support of the City of Garnett, KS