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Get those motors running!!

Welcome to the Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival!

The 2017 event will be a two-day event to be enjoyed with family and friends; where you will see amazing cars and maybe meet someone new.  This year there will be events to suit all tastes, including the famous track event where men and women with steel nerves go screaming by in their pride and joys, with engines making music to chill the nerves.

Even though this year is a two-day event, your level of participation remains flexible with options that include the car show, the autocross event, the Marque Car Extravaganza, and the high speed track event.  And did we mention entertainment Saturday evening in downtown Garnett?  You don’t have to drive your car at speed to enjoy the day.  Events on each day will remain independent – you don’t need to attend both days.

The 2017 event will be celebrating an American classic cars of the Mopar family. A Extravaganza will take place on the weekend and it is expected that several spectacular cars from multiple states will be in attendance. 


Have you signed up? REGISTRATION is OPEN!


  • All Registration Applications will be submitted through the USPO. We are only receiving registration for this event by regular US mail, and the date stamp is important. To avoid any regrets please don't wait to send in your registration form.
  • You will need complete ONE FORM PER CAR


  • How many forms do I need? One signed registration form per car.
  • Who needs a liability waiver? One signed liability waiver form per person (driver or passenger).
  • Can we have multiple people drive same car?Multiple drivers per vehicle in different events is fine.
  • Do they have to be mailed separate? Multiple forms per mailing envelope is fine.
  • Do you need separate checks? One check per mailing envelope, even with multiple registrations is fine.
  • How many self-tech forms do I need? One signed self-tech form per car; turned in at Registration Check-in at the event.


Registration Application
Sorry, but Autocross is completely Sold Out for this year!
- Please fill out this form completely, ONE PER CAR.
ONLY the registration needs to be mailed. All other forms should be brought to the event
Liability Release Waiver - If you have additional drivers or passengers, please fill out one per person.
Track Session Rules - If you are participating in the track sessions, please read prior to MANDATORY drivers meeting
Autocross Rules - If you are entering in this event, please read and understand these.

Kevin Hinckle


Contact Kevin for any questions you might have about the event.

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LGGPR is Pleased to support the following area charities:

LGGPR is proud to Host this event with the support of the City of Garnett, KS