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Common Questions

Here are the answers to several of the more common questions we receive. If you don't find what you are looking for you can always use the contact form to the right and ask us any question you like.

Q: Is there a fee for spectators who want to watch the track event on Sunday, or to walk around and view the car show/displays?

No. Thanks to our sponsors, the event is completely free to watch all weekend. Make sure you support them at the event.

Q: What should I mail in with my Registration Application?

Mail in your completely filled out and signed application, a signed LGGPR Liability Waiver for every driver and passenger, and a signed check. Do not mail in your Self-Tech form. The Self-Tech inspection should be performed at the event, and turned in at Registration Check-In.

Q: I would like to bring my tent and camp at Lake Garnett. Is camping available to registered event participants? If so, who do I need to speak to?

For questions on camping, please contact the
Garnett City Hall
131 West Fifth; PO Box H
Garnett, Kansas 66032

Q: Are we allowed to bring chairs and coolers?

Chairs - Definitely Yes. Coolers are ok, but you will have to follow the Garnett City Park rules in regards to any alcohol. The LGGPR organization however does not allow any alcohol consumption on the track or in the paddock areas at this event. Drinking and track events don't mix!

Q: Are LGGPR Liability Waivers and Self-Tech forms required if I’m only putting my car in the Show?

No. They’re only needed if you’re driving on the track or in the autocross.

Q: How do I become a vendor at this event?

Just contact Mick.

Q: Will you be sending out any type of registration confirmation?

Yes, but you have to include your email on the registration forms. When we get about 3 to 4 weeks away from the event, we will send out confirmation to all that have been accepted for registration.

Q: The event page says BBQ and Registration at community center, but the location of this community center does not appear on Google maps?

That is correct. It is a little hard to get a link to that specifically on google maps because that building is part of the park. The community center is to the north of the football field and city pool in the park. Hint: look for the old cars. Here is a link to the entrance of the park. Go north and take the first left PAST the football fields.

Q: Are tickets required ahead of time to purchase for access to the track event and parking?

For Spectators, they are not needed. The event is free. To participate on the track, you will have to register. Our event fills up every year. I would encourage you to register early if you want to get on the track.

Q: Is their available handicap parking on site?

There are handicap spots at the car show. If you want to visit the track event, speak to someone at the front gate and they will find assistance for you.

Q: Are service dogs admitted?


Q: Do I have to pay the Registration fee if I’m not entering the Show?

Yes, if you are entering a car in the event. All cars must pay the Registration fee, plus any additional Driving Event fees.

Q: Can multiple people drive the same car?

Yes. Multiple drivers per vehicle in different events is fine. You only need to pay the event fees plus registration fees for each car.

Q: Do different applications have to be mailed separately?

No. Multiple applications / forms per mailing envelope is fine.

Q: Do you need separate checks for multiple cars being registered?

No. One check per mailing envelope, even with multiple registrations is fine.

Q: How many self-tech forms do I need?

One signed self-tech form per car; completed at the event and turned in at Registration Check-in.

Q: Is security provided for the cars?

We do not provide security for unattended cars at the event. However, Garnett is has the best small town atmosphere you can find any where and we feel very comfortable leaving our personal unattended cars at the event.

Kevin Hinckle


Contact Kevin for any questions you might have about the event.

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