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    Garnett, KS 66032
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A truly unique motoring experience in the Heart of America

OCTOBER 12th, 13th & 14th, 2018

Registration will open on August 1st for this years event.

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The Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival is a unique event that includes a track experience together with the Hagerty Revival Showcase, an autocross event, and great food; providing both the participant and the spectator a fantastic experience. What sets this event apart from the other automotive events is that the cars and the drivers are not race cars or racing drivers - they are classic cars owned and operated by enthusiasts.


Thank you and everyone who helped put on the Grand Prix. This was my first one and I loved it. Already looking forward to next year. - Mike Palla, 2016

I want to thank you and the volunteers for a job WELL DONE. What an enjoyable weekend I had You made some fast and HARD decisions that turned at well and made for a GREAT event despite the weather and conditions at the lake I want to thank you for the most fun I've had at a car show and can't wait for next year!!! - Mike G in the little red cobra from wichita, 2016

Over the years I have been involved in the planning and implementation any many events and am accustomed to people not even saying thank you for your efforts.These past 3 years I have had people (spectators and participants) approach me to personally thank me for my involvement in this event. I could easily get used to that! Looking forward to next year! - Dan McConnell, 2016

The car show had such a great mix of cars, and many said “WOW, this is so nice to have such a variety of makes in one place!” Very positive on all fronts, Keep the charity rides based @ the car show on Sat. and the Autocross the way it was. We refined staging of all classes quite well and positive smiling faces all around. I’m glad I was able to volunteer and enjoy this year. – Bill, 2016


LGGPR 2017 Vintage 39

Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival 2017 with Heartland Vintage Racing

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LGGPR 2017 - Ford Capri Perana - Group C1

A fun weekend at the Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival. Nearly 18 minutes of fun.

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Get those motors running!! Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival 2017 is not very far away. Make sure you are on our mailing list to be the first to know when the registration opens for this year's events.

Look forward to seeing you in the fall.

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Dick Knudson called the MG "The Sports Car America Loved First" in his 1975 book. The TC was quite the sports car in its day and it still is for me today. Running it each year at the Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival ( each year in the Historic Class (older and slower cars) is a thrill for me. Last year my mechanic (wife Pam) said we hit 67 on the back straight away. OK, it has an old erratic speedometer, we were going downhill somewhat and there was a little tail wind, but I am still claiming a death defying speed of 67 MPH. This year British cars will be featured.

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Watkins Glen - The Street Years

Documentary about the street years at Watkins Glen

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Watkins Glen 1948-1952

Check out this video of another famous ghost track that was a competing track for Lake Garnett Grand Prix. Before the current track for Watkins Glen was built, it to was a race on a normal roadway.

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Victoria British From the Midwest come parts to help keep British cars on the road

Little British sports cars, you might have noticed, have a lot going for them. They're fun to drive. They're blessedly free of snob appeal. They're usually inexpensive to buy. And they're cheap to keep, too. A Kansas City engineer named Leo Long noticed all of these things three decades ago, when he launched a parts business for some of the more popular British cars. He called his company Long Motor Corporation, but did business under a name chosen to evoke Old Blighty: Victoria British Limited.

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One awesome Sprite

'16 LGGPR 474

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LGGPR 16 Perana

Lake Garnett - LGGPR - 2016 - A trip around the circuit in a 1974 Ford Capri Perana

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Lake Garnett Grand Prix Race - 1963

This video is about Lake Garnett Grand Prix Race - 1963

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Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival car parade 2015

Cars roll out from courthouse square on their way to the lake track at the 2015 Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival.

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2015 Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival Sat-Sun Clips

This is a hodge podge of clips recorded on Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy!

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Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival 2015

Take a look at a few cars from 2015

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This was a fantastic event. The organization was superb considering this was only the second year and the first with a large turnout. The organizers and volunteers, and the police and fire, provided a safe and very well orchestrated event.

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